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Features of college management software:

  • Easy handling of the software. 
  • Easy to manage huge amount of data’s & details of college.
  • College erp suite helps an institute to meet all their administrative and academic tasks. 
  • This reduces the manpower requirement, cost and waste of time enabling the administrator, teachers and office bearers to maximize their efficiency

Modules of the college erp:


  • The Management Module to manage the entire six modules settings and functionalities.
  •  The Management modules have option to change the general settings like Site headings and Logo etc.
  •    This Product Main merit is easily message will be sharing between the other module user with help of email messaging system such usages as Feed backs and Leave applications etc.


  •  The Library Module to manage the book details department wise and also to manage the Student and Staff Book Issue and View Issued details and Return details, Renewal details.


  • The Staff Module to manage the Staff Profile and Salary, Attendance, Student Attendance, Leave Application to Admin, To Create Assignments to Student, Time table, Student Search, Exam Schedule and Progress Report and Sending feedback to student etc.


  • The Students Module to  manage the Student Profile, Attendance, Progress Report, Time table, Exam Schedule, Leave Application to Staff, Scholarship details, Bus details, Getting Staff  Feedback etc.



  • The Parents Module to manage the parent profile, Student Attendance, Progress Report, Exam Schedule, Scholarship Details, Fees Details, Getting Staff Feedback etc.


  •  The Hostel Module to manage the hostel details via room wise and also to manage the Student & staff  in hostel details and View allotted room details, available room details ,fees of the hostel, category of the hostel & fine amount of the hostel.


  •   The Vehicle Module to manage the vehicle details via type of vehicle wise and also to manage the route of the college buses and expenses details. 


Features of Management Module:


  • Manage Staff Details
  • Manage Student Details
  • Manage Parent Details
  • Mailing System to Communicate Staffs, Parents, and Students.
  • Staff Admission
  • Student Admission
  • General  Setting To Change Logo
  • Creating  syllabus
  • Creating Timetable
  • Creating Courses, Department, Subjects etc.
  • Staff Reports.
  • Student Reports.
  • Leave Reports

Features of Library Module:


  • Manage Book Details Department Wise.
  • Manage Student Issue and Return Book Details
  • Manage Staff Issue and Return Book Details.
  • Manage Reserve Book
  • Student Issue Book Entries.
  • Staff Issue Book Entries.
  • New Books Entries Department Wise.

Features of Staff Module:


  • Manage Staff Profile Details
  • Manage Staff Time table Details
  • Manage Staff Salary Details
  • Mailing System to Communicate Parents, Students, and Admin.
  • Manage Staff Attendance.
  • Student Search
  • Student Attendance
  • Creating  Assignment Title and Submitting Date To Student
  • Send Student Feed back to Parents
  • Staff Leave Application
  • Weekly Time Table Reports.
  • Pay Slip Reports.

Features of Student Module:


  • Manage Student Profile Details
  • Manage Student Time table Details
  • Manage Student Exam Schedule And Subject Syllabus Details
  • Manage Student Progress Report and Fees Management.
  • Manage Student Library and Assignment
  • Manage Circular to Meet and Bus Details and Scholarship Details.
  • Staff Feed backs.
  • Student Leave Application (To Hod).
  • Fees.
  • Assignment
  • Mark List
  • Exam Time Table
  • Class Time Table
  • Subject Wise Syllabus.
  • Mark sheet.
  • Exam Schedule.
  • Scholarship details

Features  of  Parent Module:


  • Manage Staff Feed backs.
  • Manage Student Fees  Details
  • Manage Scholarship Details
  • Mailing System to Communicate Staff, Admin.
  • Manage Student Attendance.  
  • Manage Student Mark List.                                                                           
  • Mark sheet.
  • Exam Schedule.
  • Scholarship details.

Features  of  Hostel Module:


  • Manage Hostel Details room Wise.
  • Manage allotted rooms and available rooms Details
  • Manage student and staff in hostel Details.
  • Creating Hostel details, Hostel type details & fee structure details.
  • Allotted room Entries.
  • Available room Entries.
  • Hostel fees details & fine amount Entries according to room wise.

Features  of  Vehicle Module:


  • Manage Vehicle Details 
  • Manage various bus route and expenses details of the vehicle.
  • Manage driver details.
  • Creating Vehicle details, Vehicle type details & fee structure details.
  • Bus route entries & expenses entries.
  • Vehicle fees details.

 About  our  software:

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  • Free maintance up to one year.
  • Automatic updates.
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